Did you know that the most traded commodity is oil? Did you know that the second most traded commodity is coffee beans? Expect the price of coffee beans to continue to rise as demand in emerging markets continues to increase. Trading commodities are a lucrative business with big rewards. Just remember that big rewards come with big risks.- Allen Mak
  你知道最交易最活躍的商品是石油嗎?那你是否還知道而第二大交易最活躍的商品是咖啡豆嗎?預測咖啡豆的價格在持續增長的市場需求下也將跟著繼續攀高。交易商品是一筆具有高回報,有利可圖的生意。但你也要記住高回報也伴隨著高風險。   (原標題:Trading Commodities)


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